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Copper Leaf Condominium Owners Association is governed by Washington Condominium Act. Revised Code of Washington "RCW" 64.34.360. STATE STATUTE This corporation is organized to provide an entity pursuant to the Washington Condominium Act (RCW 64.34). The powers of this corporation shall be subject to and shall be exercised in accordance with the Condominium Act and the provisions of the Condominium Declaration for Brandon Court.



(1) Until the association makes a common expense assessment, the declarant shall pay all common expenses. After any assessment has been made by the association, assessments must be made against all units, based on a budget adopted by the association. (2) Except for assessments under subsections (3), (4), and (5) of this section, all common expenses must be assessed against all the units in accordance with the allocations set forth in the declaration pursuant to RCW 64.34.224(1). Any past due common expense assessment or installment thereof bears interest at the rate established by the association pursuant to RCW 64.34.364. (3) To the extent required by the declaration: a. Any common expense associated with the operation, maintenance, repair, or replacement of a limited common element shall be paid by the owner of or assessed against the units to which that limited common element is assigned, equally, or in any other proportion that the declaration provides; b. Any common expense or portion thereof benefiting fewer than all of the units must be assessed exclusively against the units benefited; c. The costs of insurance must be assessed in proportion to risk; and d. The costs of utilities must be assessed in proportion to usage. (4) Assessments to pay a judgment against the association pursuant to RCW 64.34.368(1) may be made only against the units in the condominium at the time the judgment was entered in proportion to their allocated common expense liabilities at the time the judgment was entered. (5) To the extent that any common expense is caused by the misconduct of any unit owner, the association may assess that expense against the owner's unit. (6) If common expense liabilities are reallocated, common expense assessments and any installment thereof not yet due shall be recalculated in accordance with the reallocated common expense liabilities. [ 1990 c 166 § 5; 1989 c 43 § 3-116.] NOTES: Effective date—1990 c 166: See note following RCW 64.34.020.

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